Types of French Food We All Must Try

One of the best things about France is its cuisine. It has one of the most delicious food items in the world with a variety that satisfied everyone’s taste buds.  You need not necessarily visit France to enjoy these glorious dishes since they are available in most countries due to their popularity. Amongst many options, here are some famous food items that you must try before you die.


Although these are available in many countries, the ones made in France are the known to be the best. They are made with high-density fillings and are available in various varieties. Every year, Paris hosts a baguette competition and elects the best provider in the city. It is best breakfast that you can munch on your way to work.

Street-stand Crepes

These are one of the most commonly known native food items of France. Although you can buy these in any French restaurant, they taste the best when bought from street-side shop. This way, you can enjoy freshly made ones and can even see how the crepe is made. Even though these are available with various types of stuffing, make sure to try out the butter and sugar crepe since they are most authentic one.

Duck Confit

This is prepared by cooking the duck’s thighs in its own fat up until it is moist. The dish looks absolutely mouthwatering with its gold and crisped look. The dish tastes best when it is mixed with garlic and potatoes. So, make sure to inform the chef how exactly you want it cooked. You need to visit the best French restaurant in the city to ensure that you get the real authentic taste of this dish.


This is the ideal French dish for meat lovers. It is the best type of steak prepared in the country and tastes better than what most other countries have to offer. The reason for this special taste is the fact that this dish is prepared by using a number of local sauces. The meat is selected and matured very well before it is cooked.


This is a food type that is consumed as dessert or evening snack in France. It is a type of pastry that is prepared with two shells that contain almonds, butter cream and many other ingredients. The best feature of this food is the fact that it is available in various colors and flavors. Also, the recipe is so easy that you can make them on your own.

These are simple food items that are popular for both their taste and look. Make sure to try them out. This will encourage you to taste more dishes of the cuisine.